Higher Intuitions Oracle

A Review of Higher Intuitions Oracle…

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An oracle deck using animal and nature
to conquer indecision and place
people on their appropriate paths.

~ Quote from the bottom of the box


Title: Higher Intuitions Oracle

Author: Kristy Robinett

Illustrator: Johna Gibson Bowman

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Heed these earthly creatures messages for they have interesting things to share with you.
  • The Higher Intuitions Oracle presents 44 magnificent animals that Mother Nature has gifted us so we would never feel alone and to learn from them as well. This oracle deck features both realistic and mythical animals. Some say that animals have always been wise and have been the intuitive voice that we humans never listen to and simply ignore. Some animals even become our animal familiar.  In this oracle deck you will find mammals, birds, insects, and aquatic animals, all which will contribute by changing you life for the better.
  • In this oracle deck, a card…

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Seraphina Perfume & The Vintage Angel Lockets

Seraphina is the second solid perfume to be available in the enchanting lockets designed by Jessica Galbreth of The Vintage Angel.

My Etsy Shop.



Seraphina is a heavenly blend of blue skies, white fluffy clouds, clean cotton in warm summer sunshine, and the whisper of angel wings.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Starfina mermaid collaboration as well.
If any locket is listed as out of stock, don’t be discouraged. Jessica relists them as she is able to make them, so please let us know when you are waiting!

Scent Lockets with Jessica Galbreth of The Vintage Angel & Starfina Perfume Oil


Starfina the fragrance is a labyrinth of bottomless turquoise waves, salted sea water, and sandy beaches during an early summer thunderstorm in 1901. A base of soft earth & sun bleached driftwood are burrowed beneath the layers of ocean mist. A graceful, soft, & clean fragrance.

This fragrance is featured as a solid perfume in the beautiful jewelry work of Jessica Galbreth. http://www.thevintageangel.com

Solid perfume refill pans will be available in my Etsy shoppe for $12.00 each. All Hazel Fern Perfume scents will be available as refills.


Abstract ~ Hurricane

Hurricane, 2005-2014.
Watercolor on paper. 30″x22″

This painting was actually finished quite a while ago, but I feel like now is the time to release it.

Literal hurricanes were a big part of the inspiration in this particular painting. When I was in the deepest part of my art school life, Hurricane Katrina happened. That was the same year that my father died and the same year that I got married. So in addition to watching the horrific coverage of Katrina, I also was living an emotional hurricane that has lasted a very long time.

That’s when this painting was born, but it took me a long time to be okay with letting it go.

Talking about my paintings is a little bit tricky because there are so many layers of meaning in them that I don’t always feel comfortable explaining what inspiration or methods that I use.

Sneak Peak ~ New Abstract


April 2014. Watercolor on paper. 15″x22″

I finished this painting yesterday. I took the photo with my phone so it is obviously not perfect. I never post pictures of my work in this way, but I felt like showing it in its natural habitat so to speak.

I will post the formal image at another time and in that post I will reveal the title and I will probably go into greater detail about how this painting actually happened. I might even talk about some of the technical details . I don’t know yet. I usually don’t talk about those things.

I would love to hear from you if you have questions or comments.