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This month I took the plunge and separated Hazel Fern Scents from Hoot’s Gallery on Etsy.

This is going to help me keep track of everything so much better and I’ll be able to really get going on listing more products on each site.

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Rosy Posy Perfume Oil & Solid Perfume


In the Victorian era, flowers were used to convey sentiment and feeling to the recipient. This “language of flowers” was very significant in its prime and people used blossoms to send beautiful messages of love, like, and longing as well as messages of disgust, rejection, and caution.

Roses meant different things based on their color and whether they were in full bloom or buds or how they were presented among other criteria.

Our Rosy Posy perfume is a devoted blend of intoxicating pink, white, and red roses taken from a lush English garden in full bloom with just the faintest traces of sensual vanilla to anchor.

This is another fragrance that is featured in the Scented Lockets by Jessica Galbreth of The Vintage Angel. Look for her Victorian Rose locket at http://www.thevintageangel.com


The Earth Is My Body Perfume Oil ~ Harold and Maude Series #2

Maude: The earth is my body; my head is in the stars. Who said that, Harold?

Harold: I don’t know.

Maude: Well, I suppose I did, then.

EMB 2 EMB one

The Earth Is My Body is the second release in the Harold & Maude Perfume Collection.

Fresh shoveled earth, forest, vetiver, hints of gardenia and wild flowers of the woods, ozone.

Harold and Maude themed perfume oils that I have created are each based on different characters and scenes from the movie that struck me as “smelling” a certain way.

Even if you’ve never seen Harold and Maude, you can wear these fragrances.

Harold and Maude Perfume Oil Series Announcement

Maude: That was fun! Let’s play something together.

Harold: I don’t play anything.

Maude: Nothing? Dear me, everybody should be able to make some music. That’s the cosmic dance.

It was 20 years ago the first time I saw what has become my favorite movie of all time, Harold and Maude.

It would be the understatement of all time to say that things have changed in my life and in the world in the last twenty years, but through it all – deaths, births, weddings, life – this movie remains a constant in my life.

When other people talk about things that they love like movies or books, I tend to zone out most of the time. I hate that about myself, but at the same time I recognize that it’s because I’m not connecting to it the way that they have. I know some people have never heard of Harold and  Maude and many would probably hate it or not understand it. For the last two decades that I have loved this movie I have constantly noticed new things, new meanings. As I get older, I see the messages differently so it’s not something that I can easily explain.

So, one day while I was trying new blends for the Hazel Fern Scents line I created The Cosmic Dance which has now evolved into a series of Harold and Maude themed perfume oils that I have created based on different characters and scenes from the movie that struck me as “smelling” a certain way.

Even if you’ve never seen Harold and Maude, you can wear these fragrances.

The Cosmic Dance perfume is deep and dark, but not sinister. Dark chocolate, vintage wooden musical instruments in a cedar chest, Egyptian incense, and aged patchouli.

Coming soon to my Etsy shop! I will update here when it happens.

Higher Intuitions Oracle

A Review of Higher Intuitions Oracle…

J.R. Rivera's Reviews

An oracle deck using animal and nature
to conquer indecision and place
people on their appropriate paths.

~ Quote from the bottom of the box


Title: Higher Intuitions Oracle

Author: Kristy Robinett

Illustrator: Johna Gibson Bowman

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

  • Heed these earthly creatures messages for they have interesting things to share with you.
  • The Higher Intuitions Oracle presents 44 magnificent animals that Mother Nature has gifted us so we would never feel alone and to learn from them as well. This oracle deck features both realistic and mythical animals. Some say that animals have always been wise and have been the intuitive voice that we humans never listen to and simply ignore. Some animals even become our animal familiar.  In this oracle deck you will find mammals, birds, insects, and aquatic animals, all which will contribute by changing you life for the better.
  • In this oracle deck, a card…

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Seraphina Perfume & The Vintage Angel Lockets

Seraphina is the second solid perfume to be available in the enchanting lockets designed by Jessica Galbreth of The Vintage Angel.

My Etsy Shop.



Seraphina is a heavenly blend of blue skies, white fluffy clouds, clean cotton in warm summer sunshine, and the whisper of angel wings.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Starfina mermaid collaboration as well.
If any locket is listed as out of stock, don’t be discouraged. Jessica relists them as she is able to make them, so please let us know when you are waiting!

Quick Update – Printed Silk Drawstring Pouches


Abstract Silk Pouches

I have been busy listing a bunch of new silk drawstring pouches on Etsy. I will edit the pictures as I go, but I think I have a good selection up now. Many of the Higher Intuitions Oracle animals and several abstracts are available for $18 plus shipping.


Custom printed bags will also be available for $23.00 plus shipping.